What is Entelemed

Transforming Healthcare Accessibility

Picture this. Your kids’ throat has been bothering her for the past two days and you’re about to go out of town. The next in-person appointment with your primary care physician for a step test is in 7 days and the urgent care clinic nearby has a 2.5 hour wait. Additionally, the cost of urgent care visits are uncomfortably high.

Key in Entelemed, the new hybrid model for medicine. At Vivagen Health, we combine the best of telemedicine and office visits, providing full-service healthcare solutions in a fraction of the time with our proprietary Entelemed service. Get the benefits of seeing a doctor without waiting weeks or months for an appointment.

How it works:

Make an appointment and visit your closest Vivagen office to see a Healthcare Provider. During your visit, you and the medical technician will be on a telehealth call with a Healthcare Provider who can direct the technician to perform many of the same tests and examinations they would if they were in the room. The medic can perform lab tests, draw blood, check vitals, perform strep and Covid tests, and examine your ears, throat, heart, and lungs with our Bluetooth technology to show the Healthcare Provider. 

Our trailblazing technology allows the Healthcare Provider to make a real time assessment surveying your health and answering questions in the moment.

In this new hybrid model, you can get same or next-day appointments with or without insurance. Use Vivagen Health as your primary medical hub or urgent care clinic to address complex health concerns with access to the latest medical technologies.


What’s Entelemed?

Entelemed combines benefits of telemedicine and an in-person doctor visit. In this hybrid care model, our patients will be seen both in-person and on telemedicine by our care team. A medic will register you, obtain vital signs, and facilitate a call with our Healthcare Provider. After the call, the medic will perform any of the testing recommended by the Healthcare Provider.

How much does Entelemed cost?

That’s the best part! Visits currently start at a flat low cost of $29. There may be additional costs if additional procedures are necessary for your treatment. But, we pride ourselves in no-surprise bills and all costs will be made known to you up-front beforehand, so you can make an informed decision.

What can you see at an Entelemed location?

We can perform many of the same tests and procedures, as doctors offices and urgent cares. Some examples include, blood tests, EKGs, vital signs, strep/Covid/flu testing, ear wax removal, splinting, physical exams, weight loss consultations, and more.

What’s the difference between Entelemed and a regular telemedicine appointment?

At a basic telemedicine appointment, you are your personal device communicating with a Healthcare Provider, however, there is no other provider to do any testing. In our hybrid model, Entelemed allows for both.

What’s our mission?

Our mission is to make healthcare affordable and accessible to anyone in need. Entelemed creates a new pathway to accomplish this while still providing high quality care.

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